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Libbie Manlove Stansbury

Libbie Manlove was born May 2, 1852, the fourth daughter of John Pemberton and Amanda Hardcastle Manlove. She spent her childhood in Greensborough, a small town inhabited by many of her relatives. Her father was a merchant. For a period of time, Libbie lived with her mother's sister, Angeline Goldsborough. They developed a close relationship so that this aunt was known as "Grandma" Goldsborough to the Stansbury family.

The Manlove's were a religious family, quite active in the Episcopal Church. Following her marriage and trip West with Oscar, Libbie was dismayed to find no house of her faith in Chico. She made it a goal to establish an Episcopal mission in her new hometown--achieving success when St. John the Evangelist Church opened its doors.

Mrs. Stansbury's foremost occupation was the supervision of the domestic routines that were a demand of her large home and busy social life. She enjoyed the role of hostess while a series of Chinese cooks handled the kitchen duties. In her early years Libbie Stansbury suffered from diabetes, finally passing away of February 20, 1923.

Middleton Stansbury

The Stansbury's first child, Middleton Pemberton, was born February 3, 1878. He attended Salem Street School (in Chico) and the St. Matthew's Academy in San Mateo, California. Following the Stansbury tradition he attended medical school. In the midst of his studies at the University of California, Berkeley, he married Ethel Cottrell Dunbar in 1902. They had a son, Middleton Pemberton, Jr., who also became a physician. This branch of the Stansbury's settled in Vacaville, California. Middleton, Sr., passed away on April 27, 1964.

Angeline Hardcastle Stansbury

Angeline Hardcastle Stansbury, born September 9, 1883, was the second child in the family. Her interests in the arts and education led her through teacher training at the Chico Normal School, where she received her degree in 1902, and then coursework at University of California, Berkeley, and the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Promptly, she was hired as an art instructor at the Chico High School. She held this position for forty years.

Angeline was dedicated to her home and family. Angeline took over the supervision of the Warfield Ranch until its sale in 1929. The family residence was the center of Ms. Stansbury's existence. She lived there until her death on Christmas day, 1974. Her industriousness to preserve the pristeen quality of her home resulted in its use as a model of Victorian life in Chico.

Ellen Gilder Stansbury

Ellen Gilder Stansbury, born December 1, 1885, had little in common with her sister. More traditional in her attitudes, she did not plan a career, although she did finish her education. She married Francis Albert Clough on September 25, 1907, in a parlor wedding which suited the style of the Stansbury setting. Francis' father was Fred M. Clough, the first Pacific Coast manager of the Diamond Match Company, a key local industry. When the firm decided to branch into public transportation, young Francis was made superintendent of their Chico Electric Railway Company.

Source: Oscar Stansbury Papers (Meriam Library California State University, Chico)

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